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Home School Tips

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Homeschooled Children Benefit From Online... For the high school student, the Internet has provided a revolution in the homeschool classroom. The availability and quantity of homeschool online resources and support is well beyond what anyone would have imagined when homeschool first began. For the modern homeschool high school student, the internet is a way to take distance courses from accredited colleges, work with accredited high schools and academic facilities to receive professional high school diplomas and transcripts for college, and to join support groups and chat rooms with peers raised in homeschool classrooms across the globe. The Internet offers academically independent resources that are ideal in the creation and development of their personal online homeschool curriculum or independent study program, assisting in the many hours of research, design and completion of their projects. The Internet has not only provided homeschooled high school seniors with a number of resources for homeschool success, but their parents as well. For many homeschool parents, they began homeschooling their children at an age in which most were comfortable and confident that they were able to successfully provide for their child's education. However, many parents become increasingly more intimidated and worried as their children grow that they will not be able to benefit their children if they continue to homeschool in the middle and high school years. As the technological times have changed, many parents have courageously maintained the homeschool status, even going against their own comfort level, because their high school students were so confident in the successful completion of their high school years in a homeschool environment and the technological age.

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