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Games Zone

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Sugar Skull Sweepstake - Halloween 2016

Sugar Skull Sweepstake

Win awards in games for your FREE chances to win over $5,000 worth of prizes in our Sugar Skull Sweepstake.
First Prize is a state of the art PC gaming system, Second Prizes of in-game items, coins and boosts in your favorite Miniclip games:

  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Soccer Stars

Terms & Conditions Apply

Final Fortress The Ultimate end-of-the-world incremental clicker! Somehow you survived. Now It’s time to rebuild. The world belongs to the idle Z’s, and all you can do now is tap into your survival instincts. Grow your fortress community, gather survivors, and rebuild from the aftermath of the viral outbreak. GROW YOUR Z FORTRESS The world currency is now GAS. Tap zombies, click your survivors and use your resources to build a variety of rooms, each dedicated to a unique survival task. Grow food, generate power, and build your tower from the blueprints you tap into along the way. RECLAIM HUMANITY Look for survivors amongst the lost souls, to grow your ranks and community. Scout for stray clans to keep your people alive and thriving. Don’t be afraid to move, the more survivors you find, the more you prosper in your next fortress. FEATURES Since the Z's took over, Gas, Diamonds, and Survivors are the only thing left that is worth anything. Collect as much as you can to help you rebuild and upgrade your resources. Rise from a lonely survivor to the sovereign of all you survey. TUTORIALS AND MISSIONS • Level up your fortress with new rooms, each with its own unique function for survival. Level up your rooms and survivors. Find blueprints along the way to unlock extra special rooms. • Almighty finger tap bonus. Make your Tap Tap Tap work harder for you with an upgraded finger. • Rebuild over and over. Jump in your truck and head off into the wilderness. Gather survivors and rebuild stronger than ever. There are more survivors out there waiting to be found. Your can move on, collect more survivors and rebuild as many times as you want. The more survivors you have, the more gas you can make. • Vehicle Upgrades. Pimp your ride. Well, as much as you can from salvaged parts at the end of the world. Upgrade to go further, find more survivors, and rebuild faster and stronger each time. • Radioactive Y.O.L.O. Boost. Blast away the debris and smog and boost your workers. Watch a video and get 4 hours of a double GAS BONUS. • Coffee Time! It's the end of the world, your tapping like crazy to rebuild, sometimes you just need a boost. Watch a video to double your Income, Power, and Production, for twenty seconds. Make the most of your caffeine hit. It could be a while until the next one. • Lucky wheel. Even in the aftermath you still get a door to door salesmen knocking at the fortress gates. Earn or buy a spin on the lucky wheel to win a gift. Take a risk, after all, and it’s not like things could get any worse. • Kill the flying zombie. Yes, that's right, flying. What?! Have you never seen a zombie with a jetpack before? Catch them in flight, you never know, they just may drop something. • Go Global. Connect with friends online and gain a bonus increase productivity. Invite them to rooms to rebuild faster and stronger. ROOMS 15 Sniper Tower 14 Laboratory 13 Armoury 12 Lounge bar 11 Fitness room 10 Carpentry room 9 Communication center 8 Water Treatment 7 Workshop 6 Clinic 5 Kitchen 4 Pantry 3 Power Generator 2 Garden 1 Bedroom 0 Ground Floor SURVIVORS Sniper Mad Scientist Craftsman Barmaid Trainer Carpenter Operator Manual worker Doctor and nurse Chef Employee Mechanic Engineer Gardener Hotel Cleaner

Virtual Voodoo The Virtual Voodoo doll challenges you to do your cruellest work, summoning pests, bad weather and all kinds of terrible luck in order to curse your victims for a massive voodoo score. Customise your doll to represent your targets and vent all your frustrations on this irritating little fella. Remember, it's just for fun, we don't believe in dark magic and don't recommend you do either. Get all your bile and spitefulness out with Virtual Voodoo and in the Real World, forgive, forget and get along with everyone!

Crazycle Choose a rider and take to the tracks each with multiple missions to complete. Perform super sick tricks on the ground and in the air to earn nitro. Win prize money to upgrade your ride so that you can compete with your rivals on each new level.

Rally Racers Race against the best Rally Drivers in the world and become Rally Champion!

Imperia Online Join thousands of players in an universe that never sleeps! Take control of your state and expand it into a mighty empire! Recruit soldiers and command huge armies into epic battles and crush all those who oppose you! Create your own royal dynasty and use it to govern your provinces and to lead your troops into battle! Make friends, join alliances and become the Lord of the entire medieval realm now! Imperia Online is а massively multiplayer online game (ММО), set in the times before gunpowder was invented. These are the times, when the peace is ensured on the edge of the cold steel blade, the heavy cavalry and the archers with long bows.

Earn to Die Escape oncoming zombies in a desert wasteland, relying on a series of vehicles to get as far as you can each day. Upgrade your vehicle's weapon, fuel tank, engine and more to help you get away from the undead each day. The farther you get, the more money you earn to upgrade your car in the hopes of getting a bit farther the next day.

How far can you get? Rev up your engine and find out!

Strike Force Heroes 2 Customize your soldiers with thousands of weapons, armour and upgrades in this epic action-packed shooter.

Muhammad Ali Puzzle King Train and fight with the greatest boxers in Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King! This boxing game combines fighting and Puzzles. You must connect 3 gloves of the same color to punch the heavy bag. The red power punch causes a horizontal explosion. You can hit special green gloves to clear entire sections of the grid. During the actual boxing match, you must make connections quickly to knock out the other boxer. Replay certain levels for silver and gold stars!

Mexico Rex A dinosaur was captured, chained and brought to Mexico city. But the monster has broken free and is on a rampage across the country. Your job is to operate this violent dino, help him to smash up buildings and shoot or eat anything that stands in his way! Your mission is to destory the whole of Mexico. Are you ready?

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