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I Am Jonah
Sounds crazy doesn't it? What in the world do I mean by calling myself Jonah? Let's first take a look at Jonah and who he is. Jonah Chapters 1-4. God wants Jonah to go to Nineveh to warn them of their evil ways. Jonah did not want to go and defied God by taking another boat heading in another direction.

Always Best Care Madison
Address- 310 State Street
City- Madison
State - WI
Zip Code - 53703
Phone No- (608) 315-2378
Contact Name- Darcey Nett

Field Trip
Just because we are an agricultural state, it does not mean our companion animals have to suffer then die.

House Bill 930 (Puppy Mill Bill)
House Bill 930 (Puppy Mill Bill) needs to pass the Senate in 2014. Deadline to write: May 14th 2014!

A Vote for Hal Triplett
A vote for Hal Triplett is a step in the right direction for Davidson County. It takes a truly compassionate person to care for all of GOD's creatures. The people as well as the animals. Hal has proven to me that he is just that. In a Nov.2013 interview he stated:"If the animal shelter falls under my direct control, the gas chamber is going to cease to exist," It's an issue he didn't have to bring up, but he did. It's something many of us animal lovers feel very strongly about. After seeing his interview in the paper, I wanted to speak with him myself regarding the animal welfare in Davidson county. Hal took the time to call and I know it's not just hype to get votes. He's genuine and has my vote because he will make the necessary changes we need and that the animals deserve.

Granddaddy Smith And John
I was asked to speak at my Granddaddy’s funeral. I read from John 14 about when Jesus said that in my father’s house are many mansions and that I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also.
Then I told the story about John and Granddaddy.

Introducing Genesis Baptist Church
We are Genesis Baptist Church, a new ministry in Lexington, NC, and would like to invite the community to get to know us, and our mission here.

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