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The Recipe Of Life
The journey in our lives begins with growth,life is like a recipe you add all the perfect ingredients,with the perfect measures.leaving enough to balance.The key is happiness knowing its more than a emotion we feel,its a decision we make.The road less traveled is a lost quest,we must learn to be flexible and make adjustments,to expand our minds.To handle and endure what comes our way.To find abounding grace to live each day,and build the bridge for tomorrow in strength and courage...

Friendship garden
In the friendship garden seeds are planted,a row of laughs, a row of comfort,even tears for wisdom to grow. A walk to remember and to embrace,the simple pure pleasures are forever free... Written by Lori Murphy

Food for Thought
We all can be successful in our own way. Rich or poor in life challenges,life can break or make you if you let it. Sometimes finding the true meaning of your purpose is searching for that spark in connecting with others,who bring out the best in you. The best recipe in life is measured by five ingredients love,hope,courage,wisdom and grace.... written by Lori murphy

I Am Jonah
Sounds crazy doesn't it? What in the world do I mean by calling myself Jonah? Let's first take a look at Jonah and who he is. Jonah Chapters 1-4. God wants Jonah to go to Nineveh to warn them of their evil ways. Jonah did not want to go and defied God by taking another boat heading in another direction.

Always Best Care Madison
Address- 310 State Street
City- Madison
State - WI
Zip Code - 53703
Phone No- (608) 315-2378
Contact Name- Darcey Nett

Field Trip
Just because we are an agricultural state, it does not mean our companion animals have to suffer then die.

House Bill 930 (Puppy Mill Bill)
House Bill 930 (Puppy Mill Bill) needs to pass the Senate in 2014. Deadline to write: May 14th 2014!

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