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The Davidson County Republican Women meet the third Tuesday of every month at: Ocean View Seafood Restaurant in Lexington located at 1803 Cotton Grove Road. Dinner at 6 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m.  We welcome all Republicans. This month our guest speakers are Sheriff David Grice; Register of Deeds David Rickard; and several candidates for county commissioner. 
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MRI Hotels has announced plans to build a new hotel in Lexington, NC. The hotel will be located next to the Lidl grocery store at the corner of Fritts St. and Fairview Dr. The 80+ room hotel is slated to break ground later this year and will include a swimming pool, meeting center, fitness center, laundry facility, snack shop, free wifi and breakfast. Although the brand is not being announced at this time, the development will be affiliated with a top tier national chain.

MRI Hotels currently owns and operates Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn hotels in the southeast with a focus on developing in small markets with growing economies that are underserved by the existing supply of hotels. The company most recently opened a Hampton Inn and Suites in Forest City, NC in December of 2017 and is currently under construction on another Hampton Inn & Suites in Lenoir, NC.


Media related inquiries about this project are being answered by the City's Director of Business and Community Development at 336-479-0122.



Getting up close, personal with eye floaters

By Dick Wolfsie
My wife noticed that I was continually swatting at flying bugs in the house. I told her that this one little black gnat had been bothering me for several days, but that every time I took a whack at it, it disappeared.
“Those are not insects,” said Mary Ellen. “You probably have floaters.”
“What’s a floater?” I asked. I always thought a floater was a dead body the police found in the river.
Mary Ellen explained to me that floaters are a common eye disorder that causes tiny specks to drift around the field of vision. Then she realized why, for the last several weeks, I was always waving at her while we were watching TV.
Over the past few weeks, the little gnat and I had developed a closer relationship and with proper eye-roll and head tilt, I could sometimes control exactly when and where Skipper would appear (yes, I named him). He still makes unannounced visits, like right now as I’m typing this, he’s kind of driving me CRAZY.
Skipper had disappeared for a few days and I was happy about that, but then this morning he returned with a little friend—a squiggly line underneath him—who follows him around wherever he goes. He was doing a great job driving me nuts on his own. I’m not sure why he needed a partner.
I googled the term “floaters” and was surprised to see how many websites were devoted to this issue. It said the problem had something to do with a part of the eye called the vitreous humor. I also could use a vitreous sarcasm and a vitreous exaggerator to help me finish writing this column.
One site suggested this home remedy for floaters:
Sit in a chair
Rub your hands together to produce some heat
Place the palms of your hands over each eye
My wife walked in as I was completing Step No. 3 and she thought I wanted to play hide and seek.
Most of the websites said there isn’t much you can do about floaters, but there was one that recommended a dietary fix. It’s a regimen that requires consuming large amounts of citrus fruit such as lemons, limes and oranges for 10 straight days. I tried that for almost two weeks. The bad news is, it didn’t work on eliminating my floaters. The good news is, I have no signs of scurvy.
If past columns are any indication, many readers will email me with medical advice. Please don’t. I have talked to my ophthalmologist, Dr. Keener, who convinced me there is nothing to worry about — it’s just part of aging.
I gave my brother in New York a call to see if he had any experience with this condition.
“I don’t know what you mean by a floater,” he said, also unaware of the disorder. “But before we hang up, I was wondering if you guys in Indiana also have houseflies in the winter?”






 At a psychiatric ward: “Doctor, what should we do with the new guy in room 6? He believes he’s a wolf.” 

Doctor: “Whatever you do, don’t let his grandmother visit!”


Judge: “Why did you steal the car?” 
Man: “I had to get to work.”
Judge: “Why didn’t you take the bus?”
Man: I don’t have a driver’s license for the bus.



We really need to thank all of those folks out there that make sure the homeless have a place to sleep and eat.  Most are volunteers and go through a lot to serve their fellow man.   GOD BLESS YOU if you are one of them.
Looks like we have a possibility of some 40's and 50's weather in the middle of this week!   Come on spring!!!
I'll be adding more stuff as the day goes on ( with pictures) so please come back and stay positive as we are so Blessed to live in a country with so much freedom and we need to exercise it with responsibility!
A lot happening in Davidson County this last couple of months.  We now have a Chic-fila, a new restaurant in Welcome  (Gregg's Kitchen) and an old 50's diner ready to open it's doors this month (January). 
Lexington is turning to a great place for tourists with so many Cruise-ins and the new Amphi-Theater and antique stores.  And of course Lanier's hardware which is the biggest hardware store I have ever been in.  So many folks say that if you can't find what you're looking for there, then you probably don't need it.  We also have a new Butcher shop called (The Butcher Block) right next to the Amish store (Sweetbriar) where they are always having a new class for the 56 day diet.  
The LeBeau's had a very successful Christmas Concert and the cost to get in is cans of food for the needy.  As always we all had a lot of fun and enjoyed his Elvis impersonation and Timmy (his son) is so awesome.
3 candidates are for Davidson County Sheriff:
Incumbent  Sheriff David Grice.
Richie Simmons
 Greg Wood 
Around the Country
Looks like the there are a lot of NFL fans  still protesting the protests by not watching any of the games and so far the attendance is down quite a bit.  I just believe professional sports is entertainment for its fan and not a place to try to become some type of political or cause hero.  Just play the game and then use your own time and money to help your old neighborhood you grew up in.
With all of the sexual harrassment being exposed it looks like folks might start being paranoid about greeting with hugs and departing with saying I Love You, but not me!  Hugging is a thing of endearment and expression and you will always know who doesn't like it and then don't do it.  
More as the day goes on!



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